The Inland Empire Aces

Ep-17 The Butterfly Effect

October 26, 2019

 In this episode we discuss Mitch’s incredible run at Worlds

Intro: Trevor, Mason, & Mitch [00:38]

Statement: [02:05]

Swiss Rounds: [04.45]

Cut: [38:00]

Closing Thoughts: [01:13:00]

Show Notes 

Sponsor and Guests

  •   TMK Clubhouse is our sponsor, “Whether you’re looking for a unique local gaming experience in the Temecula Valley, online play or to special order games & accessories - visit”
  •   Mitch was our guest today. Learn more about him and his run @ FFGLive and Gold Squadron Podcast on Twitch.

Episode Length: [01:22:00]

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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